Applied Materials (AMAT) SEMVision CX DR-300 Automated Defect Review Metrology System

Wafer Specification
  • Wafer Size: Can be configured upon request to 200mm or 300mm
  • Wafer Shape: Notch
Electron Optical System
  • Acceleration Voltage: 150V - 15000V
  • Probe Current: 10pA - 1.2nA
  • SEM Resolution: 4nm @1KV
  • Magnification: X200 - X200000
  • Maximum Pixel: 1440
  • MPSI (Multi Perspective SEM Imaging): Yes
  • VC Model (Voltage Contrast): Yes
Optical Microscope System
  • Bright Light Microscope: Yes
  • Dark Field Microscope: Yes
  • 5X, 20X and 100X Objectives
SECS/GEM Communication Interface
  • Defect File Format: Functionality Confirmed to KLARF
  • Output File Format: Same as Input Format
  • Host Communication (SECS II / GEM /HSMS): Yes
Wafer Stage
  • Stage Accuracy: ±1.5um
  • Unique Die-to-Die: Yes
  • Single Image ADR (Automatic Defect Review): Yes
  • ADC (Automatic Defect Classification): Yes
  • Un-Pattern Review: Yes
  • API (Automatic Process Inspection): Yes
  • E-Chuck Stage: No (Pins Stage)
  • Anti Charge-3 (E-SEM): Yes
  • Port 1 Type: OCLP 
  • Port 2 Type: OCLP 
  • EDX: Yes
  • Tilt and Rotation: Yes
  • Remote Work Station: Yes
  • Resolution Target: Regular
  • Signal Tower: Standard
  • EPDU: Yes
  • FIB: No

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